From the document “Department of Defense Media Ground Rules for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) September 10, 2010”:
  1. At no time during a media visit is communication (verbal, written or other) with a detainee allowed. Attempting to communicate with a detainee and photographing or taking video of a detainee’s attempts to communicate with members of the media are prohibited. If detainees become agitated at the presence of media, the media may be asked to leave for the safety and security of the detainees, NMR and the guard force.
  2. Photographs or video shall not be taken of the following:
    1. Frontal facial views, profiles, ¾ views, or any view revealing a detainee’s identity.
    2. Identifiable JTF-GTMO personnel, without their consent.
    3. Deliberate views of security protocols including security cameras, metal detectors, locks, keys, gates, reinforced doors or other security measures.
    4. Panoramic views (an unobstructed or complete view of an area) of JTF-GTMO camp facilities and Office of Military Commissions (OMC) facilities that reveal access roads, facilities layout, security borders or locations of security checkpoints.
    5. Views of Checkpoint Roosevelt and Checkpoint Houston or observation post “New York”.
    6. Deliberate views of fuel, water, electrical power or ammunition processing or storage facilities from within their enclosed boundaries including close-up views of valves, electrical power panels, fuel or water distribution pipes or fittings.
    7. Deliberate views of antennas, RADAR or communications facilities or equipment from within their marked boundaries.
    8. Bunker facilities on either side of AV-34/Courtroom One.
    9. Military Convoys arriving or departing OMC facilities or JTF-GTMO operational area.